Xmlreader non validating

In other words, it can tell you whether the document is valid.

If validation is not activated, however, it can only tell whether or not the document is well-formed, as was shown in the previous section when you deleted the closing tag from an XML element.

(Descriptions of these options, to configure the factory to return a namespace-aware parser.

xmlreader non validating-65

Xmlreader non validating

Remember that your application will not generate a validation exception unless you supply an error handler such as the one here.

As mentioned earlier, warnings are generated only when the SAX parser is processing a DTD.

Two things must be understood about the validating parser: method on white space that it knows to be irrelevant.

From the standpoint of an application that is interested in processing only the XML data, that is a good thing because the application is never bothered with white space that exists purely to make the XML file readable.

Note - More information about namespaces is included in Validating with XML Schema in Document Object Model.

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