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In 1997, she was on the cover of , and as 2000 approached, her unreal, futuristic look was very much of the moment. A stylist told her to lose weight; Dolce and Gabbana turned her away from their catwalk in Milan because she couldn't fit into samples.

In France she was called 'Le Freak (très chic)' and Karl Lagerfeld made her the face of Chanel, dubbing her 'a beauty for the new millennium'. She publicly denounced the 'power trips' of weight fascists in fashion.

'I used my job to justify my eating disorder,' she has said in the past.

'If you're really good at numbing your hunger, you can mask your emotional pain as well.' Her wake-up call came in 2000 when her boyfriend of two years died of a heroin overdose, and she sought help from a therapist.

'I know that everyone will assume Jack wrote the album for me.' In fact, he was the producer, but the music and morbid lyrics are her own.

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