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They're not just Costello but Costello—syntax-torturing, proper-name-dropping rhymes ("We took the long way to get back/ Like driving over the Malahat") and cryptic wallowing ("I hope you never feel this much despair/ Or know the meaning of that empty chair").

A parody of late-period Costello probably couldn't have a much more dead-on title than ".) The site also mentioned what Costello's been up to lately: He's been making a new album with the Imposters (the new lineup of his reliable rock band, the Attractions—good news) in Oxford, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn.

Krall was join up on a 20-city tour in August 2000 with Tony Bennett.

The couple had two twin children, Daina Krall childen are Dexter Henry Locan and Frank Harlan Locan.

Krall and her husband seem to have a very good marital relationship and understanding so there is not any remous of Daina Krall divorce yet found in media.

Krall's music for ""cops Allison's clipped, reserved delivery; her arrangement of Tom Waits' "Temptation" is a polite, almost entirely degritted imitation of Waits' own version.

They're the sorts of songs that Costello could make his own without a second thought, but Krall is far better at sublimating her own voice to a song.

(questionable news), potentially to be called Costello's great weakness is wanting to be seen as a serious artiste who's equally at home in high and low culture, north and south—the kind of cachet and flexibility that, one might suppose, comes automatically to people like Krall, who sing "All or Nothing at All" and "I'm Through With Love," but not so easily to the guy behind "Pump It Up" and "Oliver's Army." For the last decade or so, he's been flaunting the distance between his social-climbing collaborations (with the Brodsky Quartet, Anne Sofie von Otter, and so on) and his rock 'n' roll side.

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