Validating null value in plsql Ashleigh cam4

that gets mapped to a row, map 'null' to the Data Column's default value. Value or its strongly typed counterpart, the same rules as described above are applied. The following code example creates a Data Table with two columns defined as Sql Int32 and Sql String. Equals shared/static method: Two empty strings=True String.

If ANSI_NULLS is turned on (the default), the IS NULL operator must be used in expressions when testing for null values.

For example, the following comparison always yields unknown when ANSI_NULLS is on: Use the IS NULL or IS NOT NULL predicate to test for a null value. For example, the Territory ID column in the Adventure Works Customer table allows null values.

When a column in a table is defined there is the possibility to have a default value for this column whenever it is inserted without a value. This can be helpful when you need to choose from a set of distinct values.

In the searched case every case has its own expression.

This can for instance be helpful when using ranges.

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