Updating python on mac

Basically, I want to install 3.3.2 and run things in programme mode rather than shell mode, which I find to be a huge pain in the bottom. The official page says I shouldn't delete any of them because they already come with Mac. You have not found the Frameworks folder - the one you have found is /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/ which is the Apple installed one the one you want is as the notes say under /Library - How are you looking for the path According to the guide I'm reading, there are 2 ways to run Python applications, which are programme mode (as standalone applications) and shell mode (by typing commands one by one into the Python shell).By default, your Mac comes installed with Python 2.7, no installation necessary!After giving up on doing a disk partition and getting Linux, I decided to try and install Python 3.3.2 on a 32 bit Intel Core 2 Duo i Mac with OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard.

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If you want to upgrade to the latest 2.7.x version or upgrade to Python 3, you can get a binary directly from the Python website.

To install, just click the link above, then click on the version you want. Once you've clicked on the version you want, you should see a list of downloads for different operating systems and package types (like source code tarballs, installers, etc).

I'm running mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.2 and am trying to install a separate version of Python from the system preinstalled Python 2.7.10.

I have been advised to install a new version of Python or else risk screwing up the system Python install.

I'd recommend using the installer since it'll handle everything for you.

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