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We are on DB2 Version 8 for z/OS ______________________________________________________________________ * IDUG 2009 Rome, Italy * 5-9 October *

I may instead update all the other (non-unique) fields instead, isn't it?

In the general case, you can't swap details by updating everything but the primary key because, in the general case, that might involve swapping other candidate keys.

As for the frequency of the key update, if any it will be done every now and then, the fact is that it could, and I've been asked for something that allow them to modify as much as possible (it should be a mini-phpmy Admin, to say so).

swap primary key values if My SQL supported deferred constraints.

However, namespace directory objects still have copies of the server's old public key. Or, if the NIS cache manager is running and more than one server is available in the coldstart file, the principals can wait until the time-to-live expires on the directory object.

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