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The on Updated function just sets the display style of the div back to none.

HOME Accordion Always Visible Control Animation Async File Upload Auto Complete Calendar Cascading Drop Down Collapsible Panel Color Picker Combo Box Confirm Button Drag Panel Drop Down Drop Shadow Dynamic Populate Filtered Text Box Hover Menu HTMLEditor List Search Masked Edit Modal Popup Multi Handle Slider Mutually Exclusive Check Box No Bot Numeric Up Down Paging Bulleted List Password Strength Popup Control Rating Reorder List Resizable Control Rounded Corners Seadragon Slider Slide Show Tabs Text Box Watermark Toggle Button Update Panel Animation Validator Callout animation plays when every partial postback completes).

To display progress to the user, we handle the Initialize Request at the client side and set the to visible.

This shows up the image with the progress as shown below.

In our case, we are displaying a image progress as shown below The Update Panel Animation control can also be used to visually display progress to the users while the Update Panel is performing some operation. NET AJAX documentation “The Update Panel Animation Extender is a simple extender that allows you to utilize the powerful animation framework with existing pages in an easy, declarative fashion.

It is used to play animations both while an Update Panel is updating and after it has finished updating”.

This class defines client events that you can use during an asynchronous request cycle.

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