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Uncertain of the future, Haruka Kasugano clings to memories of the past, hoping to find the strength he needs to protect his ailing sister.As the story develops, it tells four stories, each with one girl; rich but kind, polite but sad, depressed but hopeful, and petite but fierce.Stoutheart dating Unblockable games sites Stoutheart Drago Yankeestaff Pittunia.

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She also devotes a lot of her time to helping the elderly in the village, making her beloved by all.

It is strongly implied that she is the illegitimate daughter of Kazuha's father.

Haruka copes with the loss of his parents with a stout heart, burdened with the knowledge that the future of his delicate sister depends on him. Haruka is well regarded around the village, as their grandmother was once a doctor there.

The game depicts routes in which Haruka engages in romantic and sexual relationships with the heroines of the story.

If Sora's route is chosen, he realizes that he is in love with Sora and they enter into a lovers' relationship.

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