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Part 2 details encounters with Rochester, Syracuse and Utica, NY plus Cleveland, OH and Erie, PA!Two public television stations and two "Kids" themed IDs!New Channel Alert - I caught Buffalo, NY's low powered TCT repeater WBNF (RF15) for the first time.

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Over on Rochester's WHEC (RF10) Rich Caniglia allegedly confessed, "I tried bath salts once, but all I got out of it were some extra bubbles in the tub!

" Rebecca Leclair and Christine Van Timmeren were both surprised by the splashy revelation.

WROC's Bounce subchannel was once again running To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar and once more I have to rave about what a fun, fabulous, feel good movie it was! WROC's Kevin Doran introduced a story about the annual duck drop that had viewers quacking up!

Scott Hetsko, though, showed that it was nearly impossible to duck the heat that was surrounding Lake Ontario in July!

Ever since I was a kid, I loved antennas and TV reception.

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