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[The letter was] read and examined by the family members [of the missing woman], and the family all said it was her handwriting, it was her vocabulary, and they weren't suspicious at all that it was anything other than her writing...So from a standpoint of us investigating a missing person case, the case was closed.

Over the years, Jamelske amassed over $1 million, which he invested in real estate in California.

Jamelske's wife Dorothy became bedridden from disease in 1988 and died in 1999.

When she resisted, Jamelske inflicted cigar burns on her, from which she developed an abscess on her lower back.

Jamelske also manipulated her with claims that he was actually part of an underground slavery syndicate, of which the police were a part.

She claimed that the police did not believe her, but Syracuse Police spokesman Sgt.

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