Sex dating in san rafael california

I just told myself I’m not going to do movies anymore, but one or two companies say “Rafael, please just one more.” And that’s it. I never went to the press to announce I’m retiring like many, many porn stars do and then in two weeks they’re back doing another movie. You and the other guy Christopher Daniels, you two are rock awesome.” I didn’t do other movies for Naked Sword because they’re in San Francisco. There are so many uncut Jews in the world actually.

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My phone rang off the hook the first day I arrived here. If I move to London now, I can start over again and make money and survive.

When we talk about porn movies, I think the major thing is if you have a big dick and then later big ass, and then after beautiful body, beautiful face.

I’m talking to you, the phone is ringing, I’m losing money.

I just got a three bedroom apartment right across the street here and I’m just remodeling it now.

International Escort 2011 at Rentboy’s Hookie Awards.

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