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The bonds students foster at these organizations continue long after graduation, influencing job placements and even government elections.

At the time Stallworth went through rush—and since the first sorority opened at the university in 1904—only one woman who was identifiably black had ever been offered a bid, or invitation to join, during formal recruitment.

Over the years this practice mutated into a commercial venture that spans generations. He was the 12 Despite the risk of arrest, a pimp who manages just three women could conceivably make $1 million a year. Because towns are so little the families are basically in control, and of course there is complicity by officials.” An expanse of seedy hotels and women in scanty dress line the highway that connects the towns.

The practice has spread to 34 other towns near Tenancingo, says anthropologist Veronica Caporal, who has studied the networks. A new style of architecture has sprung up — garish mansions painted neon green and purple, with castle-like turrets.

Rosario Mendieta, of Colectivo Mujer y Utopia, a human rights group for Tlaxcala women, knows of more than 250 cases that have taken place since 2005.

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