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Cuba’s second-largest city, Santiago de Cuba was founded on June 28, 1524 by the Spanish. Santiago de Cuba is authentic Caribbean through and through.

The gold production got its more prosperous period in the decades of 15.

But with the exhaustion of this, necessarily took place a change of attitude toward the land (real estate).

Santiago de Cuba, last of the first 7 existent villages in the XVI century and second city more important of the Island of Cuba, it was founded July 25 1515 toward the end of the process of Spanish conquest of the Island.

Its name: village Santiago de Cuba, comes given by his foundation date, day when the parties are made in honor of Santiago Apostle, warrior saint and patron from Spain.

It's a great city in which to wander and take in Cuban life, watch the old men playing dominoes, go for a ride in a fifties Chevrolet, watch a baseball game, drink a Cuba Libre or a Bucanero beer, and absorb the ebb and flow of Cuban life.

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