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Synge's play caused riots at its Dublin premiere in 1907. But considering its age, the writing feels remarkably fresh.

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A., plays handsome gang fugitive Darren in the four-part series.

Following a young drugs gang based in Dublin, Sheehan leads an up-and-coming cast, including Ruth Negga who played Shirley Bassey to great acclaim in BBC1's Shirley in 2011.

Even the fellows that become successful rappers don't get that by acting the tough guy and getting wasted all the time.

They get that success from putting in a lot of work and that isn't put across enough."Hard drugs became more widespread in Dublin from the 1980s onwards and when an investigative journalist, Veronica Guerin, started digging around she was murdered by aggrieved barons in 1996.

he first performances of JM Synge’s masterpiece caused noisy protests in Dublin in 1907.

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