Recorded 2 way sex on webcam

They don’t have to worry about handling the backend and bringing in traffic. Some sites take large percentages of their earnings in exchange for these services.

For performers who don’t have the proper equipment, or who don’t like the idea of camming from home, studios are another option. Some performers even say their price changes depending on their mood.

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This is a feature available to all members during private shows.

You can show the performer your webcam and talk to the performer if you have a microphone.

The performer will be able to see and hear* you for as long as you are in the show. Any webcam or other video capture device attached to your computer should work if it is compatible with Flash.

You can verify that your camera and microphone work prior to entering a paid show with our Test Page.

Imagine when you try to compound that math—20,000 models on 24/7.

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