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FIONA SPENCE ("Vera Bennett"), VAL LEHMAN ("Bea Smith"), ELSPETH BALLANTYNE ("Meg Jackson"), JUDE KURING ("Noeline Bourke"), PAULA DUNCAN ("Lorelei Wilkinson"), JANET ANDREWARTHA ("Reb Keane"), ANNIE PHELAN ("Myra Desmond"), BETTY BOBBITT ("Judy Bryant"), MARGOT KNIGHT ("Sharon Gilmour"), GLENDA LINSCOTT ("Rita Connors"), PETA TOPPANO ("Karen Travers"), JENTAH SOBOTT ("Mouse"), DEBRA LAWRANCE ("Daphne Graham"), LOIS COLLINDER ("Lurch"), KIRSTY ADAMS ("Officer Anne Yates"), LESLEY BAKER ("Monica Ferguson"), MAGGIE MILLAR ("Marie Winter"), LOUISE LE NAY ("Sandy Edwards"), JACQUI GORDON ("Suzi Driscoll") & MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED. AMANDA MUGGLETON will play Mrs Johnstone in "Blood Brothers" in Perth, WA this November 10th to December 4th....."The Metcalfe Playhouse and IAJ International are delighted she returns to Perth to add Mrs Johnstone to her repertoire.If you are genuinely interested in meeting this TV icon, then please email your enquiries to: [email protected] or ring 0845 5190 865. So it’s no surprise former stars of the Australian series are coming together once again to look at another confronting issue – HIV among women.

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In 1979 she was offered a thirteen-week role in the popular television series, Prisoner, and left five years later.

From the Outside is her story of the trials and delights of working on a long-running series".

His latest novel, Privately operated with an emphasis on cutting costs, it is understaffed, corrupt and leaks like a sieve.

Drugs are habitually thrown in over the Perimeter Fence. An inmate dies of a drug overdose and the Prison’s reaction is to simply cover it up. she can circumvent the prison’s antiquated security system and virtually has the run of the prison after lockdown at night; especially when the only two prison officers on duty are carrying on an illicit love affair in the Prison Sickbay.

She’ll perform some of her biggest hits including ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘Superstar’.

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