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In 1975 the Masons moved to new premises, and the building became purely commercial in nature.

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The City's early growth made it necessary to seek a new location for its cemetery. The community fathers, hoping to create a gracious and serene sanctuary, sent to Scotland for John Porteous, a master landscaper, to design the cemetery grounds. Porteous became so enamored with the United States that he sent word back to Scotland requesting his wife and children to join him in Paducah. Porteous' dedication, made him the first sextant and built his family a cottage where the gatehouse stands today.

Some deaths were recorded in 1852, but the Civil War put a stop to this. In 1911, Kentucky passed a law that required all deaths to be recorded.

Samuel Ulrich Beyer Rosa Adcock Fruit Harry Atwood Gish James Christopher Gish Wylie F. If you would like to volunteer, contact Lessa Wilson at 270-444-8508.

Visit the Mc Cracken County Public Library online or in person in downtown Paducah to find a wealth of information about local history and genealogy.

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