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Mugler lists Taste of Fragrance as a limited edition and we all have seen favorite Mugler fragrances disappear from backstock.

And of course there are many fragrances from other lines that cost less that that I have on my buy list and would like to try that seem to make more sense than a backup bottle.

I really would like to move this to the front of my shelf but I do not want to run out of this one and it is too pricey for a backup bottle so I use it gently.

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I marked my grade down a point because of lack of compliments but it is a small complaint when this is my current favorite of the line.

Angel Man is a very sweet fragrance and it is easy to find fault with cavity inducing fragrances.

But I am a person that can appreciate a really good bowl of chili as well as a plate of Lobster Thermador and the spoon feels better in my hand than the seafood fork.

I own so much Mugler and so many flankers that sadly I almost have to try to find reasons to pull this one when I own an excess of juice regarding others that are also quite good and more available to find, buy, and wear.

But what they do is to contrast the sweetness with distractions so that you get the sweet lovely foody dry down but different looks at the top.

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