Moorcroft pottery dating

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Pottery from Moorcroft first arrived in 1904 for Shreve and Co., San Francisco.

Tiffany and other famous American stores followed shortly afterwards.

Moorcroft Pottery has enriched select american homes with color and craftsmanship for more than three generations and The Mole Hole of Marshall is one of about 20 stores in the United States to carry this exquisite artwork.

Moorcroft rightly regards the United States as one of its oldest and most loyal customers.

Including Sally tuffin, Rachel Bishop, Philip Gibson, Emma Bossons and Sian Leeper. Dating circa 1925Moorcroft Macintyre Poppy Design Vase Vase of slender baluster form, finely tube lined and decorated in red, blue and green in the Macintyre Poppy design within forget-me-not borders on a cream ground.

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