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She loves for him to crack her back...which is hard to watch. She is very needy...depressed when I am not with her.They literally hug close and he grabs her and it's just very odd. She told me that he said he wants his girlfriends to be just like her. The boy had some serious outbursts against her...Facebook he called her crazy, he called the cops on her to get possession of his car and ran away. I cannot broach the subject...would destroy the relationship.

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They shared a hotel room...although it was with the daughter..she was 9 on vacation. I just envision how she is with me and it would be nothing for her to do it while the daughter is sleeping.

The two of them stayed up late after the other kids went to be nightly..tells me that they used to talk a lot and watch movies.

She seems to know exactly what to do to get away with it in her home..she's done it before. He is terribly mean to her and she continues to roll out the red carpet for him. I think this is interesting...because she claims it was the husbands.

If it was his...didn't he get rid of it when they got divorced. Her ex (according to her) was very suspicious of their closeness and spied on them.

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