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As outlined on the ACE Development and Deployment schedule, the deployment and mandatory transition for reconciliation, liquidation, duty deferral, drawback, collections and statements is pending.CBP is continuing to coordinate with the PGAs on their ACE pilots.If filing an entry with PGA data, please reference our section on PGA Pilot Information for agency specific details including a list of forms and data required by each agency.

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” All I wanted to do was read books and play games.

But suddenly there was this tiny US citizen lying in bed.

Then I made her laugh by telling her stories about when she was a little girl and used to run naked around the house, giggling while I tried to catch her. Let them go in their diapers until they are begging to sit on the toilet. It was boring, the other kids are often evil, and its hard to sit still for 45 minute stretches listening to an adult talk about stuff you’re never going to remember.

I sang a song in the car to her, as a joke, because she knows I can’t sing although I like to try. So why not be like everyone else and give some advice about it: First, when they are babies: A) Eventually they walk. There is absolutely NOTHING they learn in school before the age of 12 that they can’t learn later. Traveling is boring, difficult, frustrating, tiring for kids.

Games of pure chance waste great opportunities to activate the neurons in the brain. I’ve been absent for huge chunks of time while building different businesses. I used to wake up at 5am so I could go out for a coffee, newspaper reading, note-taking (and Scrabble playing, with the other neighborhood fathers in similar situations), and I wouldn’t return home until 8am, when I knew they’d already be off to school.

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