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Their time on the lam only intensified interest in the case. Circuit Judge Jack Springstead asked the couple Thursday if they understood their sentences. "Might as well be a death sentence," Tommy Allain mumbled.

The couple is scheduled to appear in the same courtroom this morning on charges of failing to appear in court last fall. For the much-publicized child abuse case, though, this was the end.

This story ranks right up there in our top ten most ridiculous arrests.

While I can CERTAINLY see why the boyfriend would want to be hug-free, a a domestic violence charge is a pretty weenie resolution to the problem.

Lori Smith Jail Intake Booking Brooksville, Florida (The Weekly Vice) -- Lori Smith, a 48-year-old Brooksville woman was arrested early Monday morning on battery charges after allegedly hugging her boyfriend.

Since the story summary is really unbelievable, we've included the arrest report with an arrow pointing to the narrative section of the arrest affidavit.

"I'm done with the whole thing," said Kristen Staab, 23, one of their two grown daughters who live in Spring Hill. Thank you, though." The case began in May 2004 when the girl's older brother, who wasn't being starved, ran away and told authorities about his sister. During their time on the run, they talked to the St.

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