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As we continue in this study today, there is one fact that is not up for debate.That fact is that Ecclesiastes is inspired scripture and therefore profitable.Catholic view—musings or thoughts of a rational man attempting to reason himself to God.

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He bluntly states that claiming Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes is ‘like claiming that a book about Marxism in modern English idiom and spelling was written by Henry VIII.’” centuries) held that Solomon is the author of the book of Ecclesiastes. We know that Solomon wrote many of the proverbs in the book of Proverbs. While some want to deny Solomonic authorship due to , it would make sense that Solomon wrote from that perspective as an old man looking back on his life. Becoming the teacher in this book allows Solomon to set aside the mantle of king and take on the mantle of sage or wise man.

Therefore the wisdom of Ecclesiastes is the advice of a wise man not the pronouncement of a monarch.

This thought dates the book in the third century BC. was king over Israel) since Solomon was the king until the day he died. Some believe that the book has a pseudonymous author. Solomon was the last king to rule in Jerusalem over all of Israel.

This position would state that the author wanted to offer the book a Solomonic feel, but was not truly written by Solomon. There are a myriad of other extremely unconvincing arguments in favor of non-Solomonic authorship. “Scott, for example, speaks for most in asserting the linguistic and historical evidence to indicate that Ecclesiastes was written in the late Persian or early Greek period. Following Solomon’s rule the kingdom was divided and ruling in Jerusalem would have allowed one to only rule Judah. 12:9 establishes that the author arranged many proverbs.

Ecc So do not be excessively righteous or excessively wise;otherwise you might be disappointed.

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