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Annoyingly the navigation bar doesn't stay hidden when you open the keyboard.If you wanted a little more space when messaging, you lose it again, as it pops up as soon as the keyboard appears.For example, HTC Gallery is updatable through Google Play, so you could receive some changes to an existing device without that step to Sense 7.

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Hit the recent apps button and it will spring into the (old) grid view by default, with the option to switch to the card-style view that is more in keeping with stock Android and we find it much nicer to use when switching apps.

In the original Sense 7.0 on Lollipop the navigation controls were sitting on a grey background in recent apps, rather than float as they did in Sense 6.0.

That was something that was missing in Sense 6 on Lollipop, but remember you can also turn the torch on with an "Ok Google" voice command.

Sense 7.0 on Marshmallow cleans this up further, shrinking the time slightly, making the date clearer and removing the top line dividing that information from the operator (as seen below).

You can change the order, so if you're left- or right-handed you can switch things around to suit how you hold the phone.

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