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Browse video profiles and group chat with girls around you.By Kathy Belge Hi, my name is Danielle and I'm very depressed and confused right now. I left my husband because I've always been attracted to women and not men.

My coming out was very hard on my family, my children and of course my husband, but I knew I had to stop living a lie and that eventually being with the woman of my dreams was all worth it.

But after five years in the lesbian community, I'm starting to regret coming out of the closet.

Gay guys have access to plenty of handsome masculine gay men who look like men. I'm convinced that there would be much more lesbians if the community was filled with beautiful women and not mullet sporting, flannel wearing, chain smoking dykes.

Why don't I have access to beautiful, feminine lesbians? -Mirror Image Dear Mirror Image, At first I was a bit insulted by your letter.

Go back and read it again and see if you can see why I felt that way.

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