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They list things like honesty, integrity, and appearance, four or five things, then go into a laundry list of what they don’t want. If you have to have another person in your life, it means you don’t feel complete.

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Another thing is work history: multiple periods of unemployment.

A red flag for me is when a guy doesn’t have a relationship with his kids.

There’s nothing worse than that awkward silence on a first date. Another one I like is, what was the best birthday present you ever gave your mom? And never let a date lure you into their car to go to another location. Remember that dating can be harder for men because they have to do the asking, and they have issues around rejection. Instead of offering misleading excuses, say, “I think you’re a great guy and I wish we had more of a connection, but that’s not happening, and I really want that for you.” I know men have dates from hell, too. Four months after I stopped the 100 dates, I met Keith, my husband.

Also, let someone know you’re on a date and when you’ll be home. I hear about� the woman who’s looking for a free ride. These women expect a lot about where they want to go on a date. After six months, when I started dating again, I got negative feedback from people who said, “Who’s going to want a woman with three young children? Like I heard on , “It was easier to get into a relationship with me than a community college.” I didn’t know what I wanted. Give me an example of what you put on your seven-page list.

But a lot of women have sex early in the relationship because they’re trying to seal the deal.

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