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Even if a person disapproves of inter racial dating in others, it does not necessarily mean he/she thinks other races are inferior but merely different which is probably why he/she thinks people of different races shouldn’t mix.Above all, others have no say in how an individual chooses to live his/her life as long as he or she is not affecting others in a negative way.

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Regardless of what your own pet peeves are, should you date someone with an arrest record?

For some, the answer is a resounding “no.” Jail is often referred to as a “revolving door.” For many, once they are in the system, it’s surprisingly difficult to get out and go straight.

If you and your partner belong to the same race, such signs would range from his/her behavior with people of other races, especially with those involved in the service industry to off-hand remarks about how people of a certain race typically act, think, speak and live.

The latter most often would be discussed in negative contexts like lack of jobs, tottering economy, rising crime or dirty neighborhoods.

While not overtly discriminatory, all these words and acts are instances of a deep-set racist mindset which may prove to be no less offensive and eventually difficult to cope with in the long run.

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