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The closer administrators get to the faculty, the more complicated things become, however, Olivas said.For example, he took issue with the idea that all faculty members “report” to deans. "I love my dean and give him the time of day but I've been here 33 years and outlived six or seven deans.

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Experts say that while these relationships tend to be too specific and fluid to fall under any general policy, involved parties should proceed with caution and avoid pairings that may be or even appear to be exploitative or allow for favoritism.

Earlier this week, Garth Saloner, dean of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, announced he was resigning, due in part to a lawsuit against the university brought by a former professor -- one who happened to be the estranged husband of the woman the dean is dating, another professor at the business school.

If someone raised the issue, Mc Cord added, “they would probably be counseled to take the same approach." In other words, the individual in the supervisory role should recuse himself or herself from oversight. Cotton, vice president of higher education for ML Strategies and a leading negotiator of contracts for senior administrators in higher education, said supervisor-employee relations are “never a wise course for people because you have disparity of power between you, and when there’s a breakup it could be alleged by the person being supervised that the supervisor did something wrong.” These relationships can be equally harmful to the subordinate, he added.

Supervisors have the ability to promote or demote, and they’ve also got a say in discussions about compensation.

Still, adhering to policy didn’t inoculate Saloner from being implicated in a lawsuit, or the related media scrutiny -- including a story in .

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