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I feel bad writing so much and showing nothing, but it’s too early for reveals, so you’ll just have to bear with me and wait a little longer :-) A few days ago I had a brainwave and started working on a very promising idea for 2.1.

Unfortunately it seems the amount of work to get it done is absolutely massive.

The code dates shortly after I started working on the game. It’s not much, but it already has smooth radiosity lighting that some of Minecraft clones lack even today :-) If you have a PC at hand and want to try it out for yourself, here’s the link: Survivalcraft Dev August 2011 There’s both debug and release builds included and you need to install XNA framework redistributable (included in zip) for it to work. Since finishing 2.0 release on all platforms I have been working on the next update, 2.1. I’d much rather code than fill out forms, take screenshots, apply for certificates and resize icons, among millions of other chores required to get it published. Windows and Amazon versions available here: Google Play version is still here: Enjoy! So here’s one Survivalcraft 2 code for you: D97BA9YLPG8XFPR861WYGBM If you are the lucky person who is first to grab it and convert into a game, can you please post in a comment where you are supposed to copy/paste it?

I find it hard to believe that scarcely 1.5 months after this build I had a working game with inventory, crafting, proper UI, world generation etc. As usual, I don’t want to tell you too much at this point in case I later cannot deliver on what I promised. Here’s the link: Give it a try if you have an i Phone/i Pad/i Pod. I finally got round to publishing Bugs to Amazon, Windows & Windows Phone and i OS. To remind you: Bugs is a free (no ads either) Turret Defence game: Hopefully can go back to work on Survivalcraft 2.1 update now.

You can also track document revisions and check-in and out files.

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