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Last night (8 October), Cheryl hinted to her fans on Twitter that something was up.

She tweeted: "Sometimes I just sit here by myself wondering why you're all so kind and nice and caring towards me. #soldiers."Thank you for everything I mean that from the heart. You're amazing." Cheryl and Tre began dating in the summer of 2012 after he began accompanying her on stage along with her fellow backing dancers. "There is a stronger connection and chemistry than you would have with any other dancer."To have that relationship is rare, to be able to dance with you and share those moments is pretty special, actually."The couple survived Cheryl's hectic workload when she reformed with Girls Aloud for their 10th anniversary last year and even Tre appeared in the music video for her song 'Ghetto Baby' in December.

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Cheryl fell in love with her hunky American backing dancer Tre Holloway after meeting him during her performance of 'Promise This' on the 'X Factor' in 2010, but they went public with their relationship in June of 2012.

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