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She eventually meets the residents of the street following a gas leak in January 1961 which forced them to stay the night at the Mission Hall.

That was actually something that I had to do before I started here.

Our tech advisor, Leon Carroll, took me to the gun range. I mean, I guess Ellie was nervous about joining the team, but I was really nervous about joining NCIS just because it’s been around for a while.

Emily Bishop first moved to Weatherfield in the late 1940s from Harrogate to work for Leonard Swindley at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall.

A very quiet and Christian woman, she hardly knew anyone up on the street except Ena Sharples the caretaker of the Mission Hall and the owners of the Corner Shop (Elsie Lappin and then Florrie Lindley).

And for the cardinal-chair to use a certain charged term on another life issue as the springboard for his marquee preach in the nation's largest church, well, do the math....

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