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Laura’s role requires candlelight, soft music, and silky lingerie. If he gets aroused they will know the libido suppressant failed.

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As military historian Joshua Levine explains: 'If your engine failed at take off, that was the most dangerous time, because you didn't have the chance or speed to recover the machine.'Initially, the planes were incredibly basic. And so it would go on.'By early 1917, the Royal Flying Corp was losing 12 aircraft and 20 crew every day.

Take the rotary Avro 504 which was shaped like a box, and made of linen stretched over a wooden frame. As the war progressed and technology advanced, fortunes lurched from one side to another as new planes were developed - most lasting barely a couple of months before becoming obsolete.

These young men had little notion of the risks they faced - not just from the Red Baron, but from their terrifyingly unreliable aircraft.

Nearly a century on, a Channel 4 programme called Fighting The Red Baron explores the extraordinary courage of British World War One pilots.

But it was not borne of fear, even though this was his first combat mission - and could easily be his last.

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