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My friend asked me if I can repair them, but to do so, I really need the genuine and complete firmware. I will give you my email adress in private (for evident reasons) when you will take contact with me (I really hope soon) ��Horrible customers service.Do not take care of customers request even if it is their fault. My x65 stop working 10 days ago and i called to ask for warranty replacement.

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Give the community the power to fix the problems and let us use the phone, which is great (spec wise) for a long time.

Not giving sources will further worsen the brand of Le Eco.

This is because the powder retains water which helps make up what are called cosmetic muscles.

So, some athletes reported a loss of size and performance after their creatine use ended.

Ingredients: Pure creatine monohydrate, vitamin B12, ginseng, royal Jelly, Honey, Glycerine, distilled water and natural flavoring.

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