Allergenic raw materials dating

However, other products made in the bakery may contain walnuts or soy flour.

However, if only one product produced contains an allergen, run that product last.

If one product does not contain an allergen, but the rest of the products do, run this product first after a complete wet cleaning procedure or perform a wet cleaning procedure between the allergen-containing product run and non-allergen-containing product run.

All raw materials that are allergens should be labeled with a tag that states “allergen.” This will help to avoid substitution mistakes (i.e., wheat flour for soy flour). It is an excellent idea to place color-coding charts throughout the production area, especially above all wall-mounted equipment and near storage areas for easy identification by plant personnel.

Store allergenic compounds on the bottom of racks or nearest to the floor to avoid spilling of allergenic ingredients to items below.

Dedicated scoops, utensils and bins used for specific ingredients also assist in keeping allergens segregated.

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