A methodology for validating software product metrics

Magic Draw integrates with IO Software Arc Styler, Andro MDA, and other MDD tools.

Magic Draw's automatic report generation engine rapidly produce comprehensive, professional requirements, software design documentation, and other types of reports in HTML, PDF, and RTF formats.

It provides the industry's best code engineering mechanism (with full round-trip support for Java, C , C#, CL (MSIL) and CORBA IDL programming languages), as well as database schema modeling, DDL generation and reverse engineering facilities.

a methodology for validating software product metrics-26

And since Magic Draw's automatic UML semantics checking facilitates the creation of valid models, you won't waste valuable time correcting improper UML.

Magic Draw's reverse engineering is the fastest way to get UML models from Java, C#, C , CORBA IDL, EJB 2.0, DDL, CIL (MSIL), WSDL, and XML Schema source code.

We integrate with many leading products: IDEs, requirements, testing, estimation, MDD, database, and others.

Magic Draw provides independence from any specific software development process, conforming nicely to your company process; allowing centralization of business and process modeling, requirements capture and design.

Whether you are using Magic Draw as a standalone application or integrated with an IDE, you have the option for round-trip engineering to keep model and code synchronized.

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