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Penny has always wanted a wedding with a comment section; while Leonard wants to give gorgeous blondes hope that they can land a short near-sighted scientist. Amy is shocked that she didn't invited her and that she will try and catch the bouquet of from where she is.

Leonard wants to know if Penny wants to put it off. Sheldon hears Penny talking to Amy he wants her to know that he doesn't care.

The chapel is out of rose petals which the couple says is fine. The subject of the potpourri is again brought up interrupting their kiss and they both shout that they're good about it.

A woman shouting from another room offers to use the potpourri from the bathroom. Sheldon is now watching the television in the living room and he explains to Raj why he must be wondering why he and Amy are not showing any affection. As the wedding starts, Sheldon lists who is on his side and who isn't.

Since Amy is going somewhere, Sheldon asks if they could walk together.

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